AR25 E2 (A2235)


The Aeolus AR28 is engineered for use in mobile crane applications, and specifically for use on mobile cranes. DOT approved and well suited for high speed use, the AR28 features a non-directional tread pattern that reduces road noise. Assymetrical lug tread pattern provides outstanding traction, and road stability. Heat resistant rubber compound reduces tire damage and downtime.


Mobile cranes



  • Cut Resistant
  • Heat Resistant
  • Standard

Heat resistant compound provides excellent tread life

Exceptional Stability DOT Approved

Non-directional tread design

On/Off road applications

CodeProduct Code Size PRPly Rating LILoad Index SSSpeed Symbol RimRim Size NSNon-Skid (32n ODOutside Diameter SWSection Width SLRStatic Load Radius RCRolling Circumference LCC 1XLoad Carrying Capacity@PSI (Single) Wt.Tire Weight
          in. in. in. in. in.   lbs.@psi lbs.
819188-74 385/95R25 *** 170 F 10.00/1.5 30 53.7 15.3 23.7 - 13,200@130 357
 - 445/95R25 *** 177 F 11.25/2.0 33 58.5 17.5 25.6 - 16,100@130 -