Nothing Can Stop US !!

No road, no weather, no distance. So Captivate and challenge us.... because that is what motivates us. Considering this, It's a little weird that it has taken so long to launch our two-year guarantee. But even so, we are still one of the first companies to do so.


Neo Allroads D

  • Drive wheel suitable for regional and long haul.
  • Better traction with deeper and bigger grooves and special tread block pitch design.
  • Great even wear performance with connected pattern block design.
  • Less noise and more comfortable with irregular pattern block design.
  • Better even wear performance with optimised shoulder design.
  • Good fatigue resistance with full penetration cord.
  • Higher lifecyle performance with dual tread layer.

Neo Allroads S

  • Higher load capacity (EURO6 regulation).
  • Shorten braking distance and enhance driving safety with 4 zigzag Shape grooves and longitudinal ribs design.
  • Good mileage with wider tread and deeper groove design.
  • Reduce noise due to the optimised pattern design.
  • Great Steering, dry and wet road handling performance with optimise groove and sipe design.
  • Excellent stone rejection performance with variable angle pattern groove design.
  • Compound with high silica content guarantee great performance in a wide range of temperatures and conditions.

Neo Urban G

  • Coach and bus suitable for all wheel tyres.
  • Longer mileage with deeper tread depth.
  • Better driving performance with 4 pattern grooves design.
  • Improved heat emission with “s” groove and special deepen sipe design .
  • Excellent sidewall protection design minimizes damage from curb.
  • Better performance of low rolling resistance and heat generation with high silica.
  • Good fatigue resistance with full penetration cord.